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   Sharing of engraved beauty...

                     ─ 文字‧藝術





Characters are just like graphics, which can be evidenced by the English word, "autograph."

The suffix "-graph" in "autograph" means  pictures or semiotic signs, indirectly proving that creation of characters evolves from pictograms.

隨拍 淬鍊下的結晶
                       ─ 工作‧興趣


 對師傅而言,刻印是工作與興趣的結合。一顆印章的雕刻往往需要4-6小時不間斷的雕琢與修飾。成品總是令旁人為之讚嘆...                 (隨時更新)



For Sculptor Chen, Sculpturing stamps is the blend of work and play. Generally, it takes the sculptor four to six hours to continually sculpture and polish a stamp. The product is always awesome.  

力道下 線條上
                       ─ 宗教‧能量




Computer-sculptured stamps cannot be engraved with special graphic signs, which can be tackled by hand-sculpturing. However, we should have a good command of stroke force. The simpler the carved lines are on the surface of the stamps, the more attention should be paid to the layout of the stamps; otherwise, its flaws appear apparent.  

點‧線‧面 從平面看見立體

                            ─ 生肖‧傳家





An encounter in October, 2015 inspired the torrential outpouring of artistic creativity in the following months. In the past, most icons are especially applied in the chop stamp of God images; few are designed for signet uses. Japanese Traveling TV Program (吉田羊台灣流浪記) contacted Sculptor Chen, hoping he could brainstorm and invent the blend of names and animal symbols. This not only adds variety and spices to the stamps but also makes the stamps multi-functional, say, a heirloom. 

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