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Great Compassion Mantra


The Great Compassion Mantra was completed in 1993.


Interestingly, the production of this masterpiece resulted from a gathering in which his friend mentioned he had carved a roll of Heart Sutra, which, as a bright idea, struck Sculptor Chen that a much larger scripture should be created - Great Compassion Mantra. This decision not only fostered the virtuous competition among the same trade but also gave rise to the production of this magnum opus.


The Great Compassion Mantra is composed of 84 lines, each of which denotes a buddha, namely 84 buddhas in total. With an addition of the title to the collection, Scupltor Chen carved altogether 85 stamps that took him over two years to complete. Moreover, it also takes six to eight hours to reproduce each of the whole roll of the Great Compassion Mantra, as shown in the first slide above.


Looking into the layout, font and icon in each stamp, you can find they are delicately and intricately designed by Sculptor Chen. What's worth mentioning is that some icons in the stamps were simulated on the basis of the "magical accessories" doned by Buddhas.


In a nutshell, this buddhistic scroll was exquisitely engraved and classy. This scroll, which wins many Buddhists' hearts, is thought to bring positive energy to people. Sculptor Chen donated a scroll to commemorate the opening of Fo Guang Shan Memorial Center. 


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